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  • Kolbuszowa is a small town in south-eastern Poland, with 9,190 inhabitants (02.06.2009). Situated among the forests of Sandomierz Wilderness in the Subcarpathian Voivodship (since 1999), it is the capital of Kolbuszowa County. Kolbuszowa belongs to historic Lesser Poland, near its border with another historic region, Red Ruthenia.HistoryThe name of the town comes from the land owner Kolbusz. It appeared for the first time in 1503 in place where Poręby Wielkie used to exist. The town, which belonged to Sandomierz Voivodeship, was probably founded before 1683, when it was mentioned in a trade regulating document of Józef Karol Lubomirski. Kolbuszowa was located on an important trade route from Sandomierz to Przemyśl. As the owners of the area were the Leliwa Tarnowski, Kolbuszowa belonged to the Sandomierz County. With regards to the Roman Catholic Church Kolbuszowa was under the Kraków diocese but in 1786 it was moved under the jurisdiction of the Tarnów diocese.During the partitions of Poland the town was in the Rzeszów district of the Austrian Galicia and in 1867 it became the seat of its own county (powiat). Before World War II, half of Kolbuszowa's population was Jewish. During the war, German troops burned down part of the town and about half of the Jewish population perished. In September 1941 Germans established a ghetto and interned 2500 people. In September 1942 the ghetto was emptied and its entire population was moved to a ghetto in Rzeszów. More ...

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