First night in Krakow!

We know very well that it's not very easy to look for a flat in a foreign country, especially when you don't know the city yet and all the adverts are in Polish. So, just after your arrival to Krakow you will proabably need to stay somewhere just for a few days before finding a flat. That is the reason why we have prepared for you the offert of the short term accomodation.

Our offert includes:

* Private apartements for a short term

* Hostels (price from 35pln (less than 10 eur!) with breakfast!):

* Sharing an apartment with other Erasmus students (from 10 eur per night!):

For all Erasmus we have some gifts: 

* welcome package for free including the most important information about Krakow, first steps guide and maps

* MyErasmus Card which gurantees you a special disounts and free entrance for all of our parties

* Help in finding flat/room.


 If you don't know what you prefer: fill the form and we will help you!

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