Finding a flat in Wroclaw could be difficult even for native students.

Accommodation price for room in city center are really variable, mainly dependent on the standard and location of the flat . For a single room near  you will need to pay between 700-1200 pln. For a place in a room around 450-700 pln. Generally speaking lowest possible price for flat which is usually away from centre and shared with 1 or more people is 500-600 PLN. Price for a high standard single room, well communicated and in good localization can reach 1000-1300 PLN.

You can find a lot of offers on Gumtree portal. However all offers are in Polish so it could be difficult for you to find a suitable flat.  Moreover some owners may want to cheat on you when they realize that you're foreigner. So that's why we recommend you to rent a flat from a professional agency. MyErasmus team cooperates with a serious real estate agency which provides services for international students. Every year around 200-300 Erasmus students rent a flat form them. Of course you will have to pay them a value of one monthly rent when they will find you a flat but it's more safety. Additionally the agency will prepare a contract in English and it will take care of all daily issues related to your rental flat. Below you will find more details regarding accomodation and some flats/rooms offers:

Accommodation page with accommodation form:

FLAT offers:

ROOM offers:

Offers on Map:

Suggest Flatmate:

Accommodation meeting:


Following documents are required when applying:

- statement from the university certifying your student status 
- residence permit application forms (available at the Department of Citizen Affairs) 
- two current passport photographs 
- certified registration of residence (from the Census Department) 
- health insurance proof 
- declaration of sufficient resources to cover the living expenses and accommodation without working or any recourse to public funds 
- photocopy of your passport


These documents need to be submitted to:

Department of Citizen Affairs 
(Wydzial Spraw Obywatelskich) 
Gabrieli Zapolskiej 4 
50-032 Wrocław 
phone: (+48 71) 777 77 95